SAC Week 3

I have a feeling of pride as I have completed the lyrics for my first song … ever! Yup, just a minute and a half creation … after some blood, sweat and tears, as we’ve been working on the background music that could be used in an advertisement that shows children having fun. No need to create a 3 minute and 30 second version of a song.

I came close to collaborating with a few different `challenge members’, but we couldn’t quite work things out with our different schedules. I received some feedback from Robert Campbell that was helpful. Comments from Heather Meori, James Linderman, and Kathryn Berry-Sauvageau were encouraging to me. Douglas Haynes provided the music and vocals for my lyrics to Criss Cross Applesauce.

Something I am experiencing is that when I see creative song titles and song ideas and creative expression of music, vocals, and production from other challenge members, it really stimulates my mind with thoughts about creative things I could do or it just helps me be open to creative ideas that dance or fly by. I would like to see some of these ideas come to life in the next few weeks by working with a vocalist, a musician and a production person as part of a challenge.

I really appreciate the positive and helpful approach that challenge members are showing each other. I also appreciate the time and effort that the SAC folks are providing us with, too.

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